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Dear College Girls Event

When I was a little girl, my younger aunt Kim went off to college. When I would visit her, I was able to meet her friends and hang out with them. We would go look at her campus and eat the food. I had my own pre-college experience. As I got older, I started to attend college homecomings with my family, take tours of my parents almamater.

Mentorship is a major tool to success. When you can learn from someone else, you will gain much knowledge that will encourage you to live a great life. God told me to host a dinner for high school girls and incoming college freshmen. Creating a fun environment to encourage the young women.

The name of the mentorship event is called Dear College Girl and our motto is

“Showing girls what success looks like and how they can reach it.” It is a mentorship that allows young women to connect with potential college students. When I was a little girl I would look up to my younger aunt, Kim who went to college. Today, I want to introduce the world of opportunities and college life to teenagers. I want girls to know that college isn’t just about the cute guys, parties and stress. I wanted to introduce them to the truth that college is a place where they will experience new adventures, develop self-love and accomplish their goals. I had each college girl help the girls design their own vision board. A vision board is used to place your goals down on paper. I acknowledge the bible verse which says, “…Write the vison, and make it plain…” (Habakkuk 2:2). Overall, the goal was to show the girls how they should keep Christ in their life and reach their goals. I felt happy to be obedient to God and to fill the gap between the age range of high school and college women. I can’t wait to continue the Dear College Girls mentorship program. Our team is planning the 2019 dinner and I’m excited to share the details as time passes. Remember to always support and encourage young girls.

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