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The Conqueror Queen

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

A conqueror is a person who is able to have victory in the face of adversity. Girls in Grace would like to honor young girls and women who are overcoming medical adversity and are fighting the good fight daily to stay healed. In honor of Sickle Cell Awarness month I had the pleasure of speaking to a close friend and Girls in Grace mentor, Bralecia Williams about her journey with sickle cell disease. Take a look at how she is thriving and beating the odds as a Conqueror Queen.

What is your story?

As far as I can remember my mom was actually the person that told me when I was older and went to an appointment. She said they actually didn’t find it out until 3 months after I was born and they called her in to run more tests. My reaction wasn’t too bad because I still really didn’t comprehend what exactly she was telling me. Now that I’m older though, I truly understand what my condition is and what all comes with it.

How do you keep your self-esteem high?

My self esteem has always been high because my mom always told me to keep my head held high. As the years went on and now I’m in my 20’s I really don’t let it get to me since I really have studied my illness and what to do to keep myself from causing any pain.

Do you ever have compilations with your sickle cell?

Back in 2012 was actually my last crisis until recently in March of 2021 where my spleen had gotten a blood clot and I had pneumonia in my left lung. I was terrified that if I had to have surgery if the spleen had ruptured due to my doctors nurse not taking my pain seriously. I’ve always tried to keep myself from having any crisis to where I would have to stay home or go to the hospital.

How do you overcome any personal or health adversity?

As I get older I tell myself that I will not let my illness put me in a bubble where I have to think about if I do something that will cause a crisis. When I wake up everyday, I know that God has kept me here for great reasons and if it’s to tell my story and encourage others to never feel as if they have to stay away from having fun then I will. Sickle Cell doesn’t stop me from living my life how I want or when I want to.

What is your advice to girls who may have an illness ?

For any young or older females that are living with this illness please never stop striving for the stars and beyond that. This illness should never keep you from your true self no matter the challenges that come to you in life. Take it from me. I know I might not have the severe one, but as one population with this illness we can do so much for any and every one in the world. Live your dreams to the fullest potential and don’t let anyone tell you can’t do it cause I’m telling you that YOU CAN DO IT.

Thank you for reading our blog post. If you know anyone who is beating the odds with a medical condition please email: to be featured in our next Conqueror Queen blog post.

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